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Soho, London, WF1 7PD

Food & Drink

Introducing a brand new in-store café concept by Jack Wills and Espresso Hut.

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Opening Times

  • Monday - Friday - 8am - 5pm
  • Saturday - 9am - 6pm
  • Sunday - 9am - 5pm

About the café

Created in partnership with the team responsible for east London’s 46b Espresso Hut and the East Village’s Hand Café, and open daily, the café will serve specialty coffee alongside their famous toasties made using locally sourced as well as Greek ingredients. We have also converted our Soho store’s basement to incorporate an event & communal workspace to promote & nurture the next generation of enterprising entrepreneurs.

About Expresso Hut

Founders Eva & Dom established 46b Espresso Hut in 2012 in Homerton, east London, and quickly developed a reputation for serving ‘top coffee, epic toasties and a space you'd be proud to call your local’. In 2016 they established Hand Café in East Village, expanding their food offering and exploring their passion for Greek products & cooking. Eva & Dom are really excited about collaborating with Jack Wills as it gives them an opportunity to bring what they do to central London.

About this coffee

Eva & Dom cite drinking a cup of Square Mile coffee in Victoria Park as one of the catalyst for founding Espresso Hut. According to Dom, ‘instead of tasting that generic coffee taste that many mask with sugar or syrup, [Square Mile is] an explosion of sweetness, acidity, with hints of oranges, chocolate and almonds’. Founded by Anette Moldvaer & James Hoffmann, Square Mile Coffee Roasters are set on establishing London as a major player in the global coffee scene.

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