Our loyal, hard-working team at the JW DC in Sheffield carries out each and every task assigned to them on purpose, with purpose. They care about getting your order to you and we care about them.

On the day we visit, the distribution centre is a hive of activity – amid stacks of hundreds upon hundreds of brown boxes, conveyor belts whir and colleagues, clad in their Jack kit, chat as they stride by purposefully. The secret to any business’s success is the infrastructure underpinning the whole operation and, for us, making sure our product gets to the right place at the right time is of paramount importance. So we run our own, scalable distribution centre (known to us simply as the DC) in Sheffield. Our team there is made up of an outstanding bunch of individuals responsible for keeping the heart of the business beating.

Our distribution operation has certainly grown up, as we have. Back in the day – 1999 – we had a stockroom (essentially, a shed) up the hill from our Salcombe store in Devon. The DC soon needed more space and moved up to London, where it continued to function for many years. As we grew, opening stores across the UK and expanding into the US and Asia, so too did the DC grow. We maxed out the two-warehouse Greenford site and found the ideal home in Sheffield in 2014 – the same faces in some new and seriously up-spec'ed spaces. Of the 200-strong team (which swells to 400 when you're ordering your Christmas presents) many have been with Jack for years, and that's the way we like it.

The process has changed very little over the years; first Brooke (who has worked for Jack for 11 years) and her team receipt the stock as it arrives from one of our trusted factories; based all over the world, they are a reminder of how international a business we really are. A sample is then taken to Julie’s team to ensure it reaches our impeccably high standards. All being well, it's taken to its new home in the aisles (and aisles) of racking. At this penultimate stage, our pickers get to work, selecting products for not only for stores but also your Click & Collect and online orders. The last stop? Packing and distribution – our gift wrappers set to work to make sure that, upon arrival, your order brings you the joy we think you deserve. On-going inter-team competitions, BBQs and the Christmas party keep our DC lively and invigorated – ensuring that as well as running smoothly it is truly a great place to work.