We want to tell you how your clothes were made, because the stories and quality are in the making – this is how it gets from the sheep's back to Jack's back.

The British textile industry has a long history of working with far-flung countries, over the centuries importing and exporting fabrics and attracting craftsmen from all over the globe. To this day, we search obsessively from east to west for the best fabrics and factories, in pursuit of the highest quality, and we’re proud to have suppliers across Europe, Asia and the UK. We believe in working with the most skilled people, wherever in the world they may be.

The provenance and quality of what you're wearing matters to us more than anything so we'd like to tell you the stories of how our materials are spun, woven, knitted and stitched into blazers, boxers, dresses, tees and more – that's the Fabric of Jack. We're proud to champion specialist craftsmanship, traditional tailoring and the passing on of passions, skills and heritage, whether in the UK or overseas.

It all starts with the fabric. It might be thick wool shorn from uncomfortably warm sheep in Kent or Cape Town, spun and washed and knitted into your extra-fine, super-soft Tinsbury or Marlow jumper. It might be bespoke to Jack – a camo print inspired by vintage British army kit or a chic black bouclé tartan. Whatever it's made from, the fabric matters to us. Every season, you'll see that our clothing is made from many natural fibres, such as wool and cotton, as well as more innovative modern creations including viscose and organza – and each was chosen for its unique properties, look and feel.

We've forged many relationships over the years because we believe in long-term partnerships, whether with Laxton’s in West Yorkshire or Lever in Hong Kong. They engender trust, consistency and quality – and that's why we've been working, for example, with our Portuguese team almost since we began back in 1999. When we can, we work with local companies to create beautifully classic clothes made within the UK and when world-class expertise is found abroad, that’s where we turn.

Over the coming months, and years, we're committed to opening the doors of our factories and mills, whether they’re traditional, high-tech or both, as we begin to tell the story of The Fabric of Jack. Do follow us as we evolve and improve – every mission has to start somewhere.



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