In 1912 a Scot named William Linton started Linton Mill in the Caldewgate area of Carlisle and we’re proud to count the 21st century incarnation of his high-quality fabric manufacturing company as a partner

Tweed is a woollen fabric that many associate with traditional country clothing, and with good reason – think of almost any character in Downton Abbey, upstairs and downstairs, and the attire of the British Royal Family at Christmas. Tweed is incredibly practical – durability and moisture-resistance are essential qualities in garments designed for outdoor pursuits – and its potential for more decorative ensembles was exploited by a certain Ms Chanel, who used it for her now iconic tailored jackets. Our designers have made the most of this multi-functional fabric this season and commissioned a chic black version from Linton Tweeds, to be crafted into an A-line skirt, tailored jacket, double-breasted swing coat and a modern strapless dress.

The team at Linton Tweeds today benefits from more than a century of knowledge when it comes to weaving techniques and fancy fabrics – the company has been sourcing unique yarns from all over the world to create its textured woven materials since its foundation in the early 20th century. From humble beginnings come great things; initially Linton employed two salesmen with ponies and traps who travelled the Lake District buying wool and selling woolen suit lengths. A great friend of his, a Parisian couturier, introduced him to a young lady called Coco; that was the start of a partnership that has flourished over the decades.

Linton Tweeds now works with fashion powerhouses the world over and has an international reputation for its fabrics, which is why we turned to them for this season’s capsule tweed collection. Rob Irvine, design director, deems our new fabric unique: "We’ve used black rubber yarns mixed with a shiny black tape that’s been printed. It’s a special yarn that’s made in Italy then woven into the fabric in England. Those knitted rubber yarns are expensive so it’s a high-end product. That's why our fabric stands out." And so too will you, in the Arnewood skirt or Brayden strapless dress.


This season's bespoke green and navy tartan was woven on British soil up in West Yorkshire


Making a classic version of the humble shirt takes more expertise than you'd think