Our new campaign is a hybrid collection of our new season Sporting Goods range and our beloved sweats, a lovechild that blends technical gym kit and contemporary casualwear together.

Whether you’re an athlete, or simply just like the aesthetic, our new season Sporting Goods collection takes all SPORTxLIFE-styles into account. The SPORTxLIFE campaign exemplifies the tenacity of today’s youth and society’s shift towards bringing health and wellbeing to the forefront of everyday life. So, we collaborated with our #jackwillsSQUAD – the people who really champion this way of life – to front our campaign. The spectrum of talent we’ve tapped brings all levels to life – from professional GB athletes to yoga-bunnies and personal trainers too – find out more about them here.

Fit for all, this collection is just as good for spinning as it is sitting on the sofa accompanied with a box-set because committing to health goals whilst maintaining an active dedication to having fun should always be on par. Explore the campaign here.



As with our previous Sporting Goods collection, it’s always been about technicality and working with brilliant factories like P&R Texteis who, by the way, develop products worn by Olympic athletes and currently help to bring the techy Jack Wills fabrics to fruition. For instance, it’s important for your gymwear to have moisture management as you work up a sweat, so many of our new T-shirts have these finishes to ensure air circulates around efficiently. Mesh panelling features on our Wilkes leggings too to add to the breathability of this collection.

Whilst we don’t particularly like to think about it, we do tend to build up bacteria as we workout, so our specialist hoodies and joggers have in-built anti-bacterial properties to keep you feeling fresh and smelling it too. Some sports bras and leggings (for both women and men) use an opaque treatment to filter out the sun’s rays to offer a high level of protection against the damaging effects of ultra violet light.

Paying a lot of attention to designing an ergonomically fitting collection, the Britwell leggings are like a second skin as they have a four-way stretch for maximum retention so they don’t lose their shape. Plus, the Esmond hoodie is crafted with two-piece sleeves and a curved hem with elastic binding for a more comfortable fit. It’s these treatments and our keen eye for design and detail that will make you hit those PBs.


This season our Sporting Goods range puts emphasis on the finer details too – so for gents, drawstrings are finished with matte metal ends and the Seacole leggings are reinforced at the knees for extra durability. For the ladies, crossover straps on the bralets add to your gym style and bonus, the Millway bralet’s straps are branded. Last, but clearly not least, the Wilkes leggings are double-layered at the back, meaning they’re squat-proof – no VLPs here.

Staying true to JW branding, we’ve elevated some of the graphics on the sweats and leggings, gave the casual pieces – Winslow T-shirt and the Gladwell hoodie – glossy, high-shine graphics, and placed reflective branding and tape on the legs alongside zips for a contemporary look.


Plenty of the menswear pieces have been designed with an interlock fabric – it’s a variation of a rib stitch and the tightest knit that results in our smoothest surface yet. This construction makes it more firm and heavier than a single knit, plus it’s formed from two finely ribbed fabrics that are layered and “inter-knitted” together so the front and back surfaces look and feel the same.


Building upon the collections we introduced earlier this year; we've reworked the graphics keeping them clean and subtle, and have added textural details using the latest printing techniques.


Newly developed silicone badges give a smooth high-tech feel, and they’re weather resistant and durable so they can withstand all of your workouts. Faultlessly handmade, these badges start off in a unique Jack Wills mould made from laser-cut metal, black silicone is then poured into the mould first and a white layer of silicone goes on top of that. This results in a clean-cut design with an athletic-aesthetic, which is then fixed lovingly onto the products.

Products with this badge: Harlington tracksuit zip-through, Bayham zip-through hoodie, Whellock crew, Milford training top, Croft sweatshirt, Harden cropped joggers.


A high-tech sports range deserves the techiest details for an authentic finish, ergonomic leggings, tees and tracksuits have been made with reflective Flexi-Print – a printing method that gives our Jack Wills branding stretch properties that move as you do, so it doesn’t crackle as you push yourself to the limit. You can find this unique feature in the following pieces, check them out: Brentwood training T-shirt, Esmond popover hoodie, Sudbury tracksuit joggers, Henworth base layer, Henfwich base layer, Wilkes leggings, Rothwell track pants.


For subtle techy detailing, tonal high-shine prints have been applied to some of the range so that the light catches the print as you move, usually when you’re tearing past to take first place. It’s a little detail that takes you a long way in your workout regime.

Flash past in these; Pembroke zip-through hoodie, Gladwell popover hoodie, Seagrave crew sweatshirt, Fetcham joggers, Winton bralet, Kenwyn zip-up hoodie, Leeves high neck sweatshirt, Winslow curved hem T-shirt.


Finally, to explore different and innovative applications, we have used raised and flattened plastisol, which gives our hoodies and leggings some added texture. This type of print has also been added to the Millway bralet to brand the elastic – a new contemporary edge to your gym kit. The branded, elastic back neck tape on some products are handcrafted using raised plastisol too – just because the internals should always look as put-together as what you see on the outside.

Feel the texture for yourself on the following pieces; Haydon Vest, Esmond Popover Hoodie, Lulworth Cropped Sweatshirt, Farndale Hoodie, Millway Bralet, Linden Sports Bra, Britwell Gym Leggings, Audwin, Gilby Hoodie.