At Jack Wills we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality product. We are aware that imitations of our products are produced and sold. The manufacture and sale of counterfeit products is illegal and proven to be connected to organised crime groups, funding other criminal activity.

To protect our customers and our brand, our dedicated Brand Protection team proactively search and monitor the internet and physical marketplaces worldwide seeking out counterfeit products. We remove infringing auction site listings, social media content and suspend counterfeit websites. We work closely with Customs and Law Enforcement Authorities worldwide to identify and seize counterfeit products and will actively pursue all legal remedies available to us.

We really regret that our customers can be misled by these products purporting to be genuine JW product. Please find below some guidance and advice on how to avoid counterfeits:

How to avoid counterfeit products

Genuine Jack Wills products can be purchased via the following three methods:

  1. One of our stores
  2. Online at,, or
  3. By phone with our Customer Services team (1 866 280 9963)

We cannot guarantee the authenticity of Jack Wills products you may find on other websites, auction sites or in stores.

We will not accept returns for Jack Wills products purchased outside of our approved channels. is the official Jack Wills Outlet website. Any website using 'Jack Wills' and 'outlet' in its website address such as '' or '' is a counterfeit website. We strongly advise you not to purchase from them. You may be at risk of having your credit card and identity details stolen.

Jack Wills operates an exclusive distribution network, this means genuine products are not available in wholesale environments, sold as surplus, end of line stock or on markets.

Beware! A swing tag does not guarantee authenticity. Counterfeiters will go to great effort in copying our products in detail: internal and external labelling, 'WILLS' stamped on a zip, Mr Wills stamped on a popper fastening or JW branded buttons. However, there can also be spelling mistakes on the main brand label or care instruction label.

How you can help

If you think you've seen counterfeit Jack Wills products, or suspicious products that are being advertised as genuine JW merchandise, we'd appreciate it if you would let us know.

Send us an email at or call us on (+44) 0333 014 2020