When we began our search for a world-class leather goods manufacturer to produce the Witney bags, we needed a track record we could trust – enter Pittards.

Established in the quaint market town of Yeovil on the southern boundary of Somerset, Pittards is a world-renowned leather goods manufacturer that was set up by Charles Pittard in 1826. Those of you that know the history of British manufacturing, or even just your football teams, you will know that from the 1800s that Yeovil was the epicentre of the UK’s glove making industry (the players of Yeovil Town football club are still known as The Glovers) and it was Pittards, then only a leather dressing business, that supplied many of the key glove makers in the area. Over the years the business has diversified and has since merged with other local competitors allowing it to offer a complete leather goods manufacturing service. Pittards combines age-old techniques with state of the art technology such as chrome tanning to create beautiful leather pieces we’re proud to include as part of our range.

Available in four colours - a rose pink, a navy, an autumnal orange and a pillar-box red - each bag has been made by hand, giving them all their own unique finish and sense of individuality. The red and navy are made out of smooth leather with the rose and orange going through a roller to give a textured hand feel. Pittards source all of their own hides and skins with 95% of them sourced from the UK meatpacking industry.

There are about ten different steps that go into the making of the Witney bag with every bag taking approximately two hours to produce in total - that is of course once all the components are at the factory’s disposal. First the leather is carefully cut into shape. Then the individual pieces are embossed and sent through to the production room. Following this process the machines are checked and threaded before the bags begin to be carefully assembled. Before final quality checks are made and they’re packed up to send to our DC in Sheffield



Our designers were inspired by 19th century England and the romance of Hardy novels for our newest summer arrivals