It's a modern way of making to the highest standards; fabrics that are woven in Britain are transformed into suits in a state-of-the-art factory in the seaport of Dalian, China.

We believe in working hard, playing harder and always making the right first impression, so when it comes to modern tailoring that suits your look and your lifestyle, we are at your service. Take The Bloomsbury Suit, for example. Our designers commissioned bespoke Donegal tweed and wool flannel fabrics, both in grey and navy, to be woven for us by Abraham Moon & Sons in West Yorkshire. Established in 1837, Moons has a remarkable history – it is one of the UK's last vertical woolen mills, where all processes are completed on one site – and we’ve worked with its craftsmen for many years.

Wool is as smart as practical fabrics get; it is breathable, durable, water-resistant and soft, and it doesn't even wrinkle. To make the most of the superior quality of this fabric, we wanted to create a half-canvas jacket because of its equally superior fit; a layer of canvas 'floats' between your jacket's outer shell and lining, so the jacket maintains its sharp silhouette and it will mould to your shape the more you wear it.

The creation of this suit involves 200 stages to get the fit just right so we entrusted its construction to Lever's tailors. We’ve worked with this specialist, third-generation company, headquartered in Hong Kong and Shenzen, for many years – it has more than half a century's worth of expertise and state-of-the-art technology so we could be sure the suits were in the safest of hands. Our master craftsmen at Lever ensured that every step, from fabric inspection to pattern-cutting, was done to a suitably (sorry) high standard.

The Bloomsbury is a slim-fitting suit – its single vent, two-button jacket has a triple layer half-canvas construction, with hand-stitched buttons and linings and functioning button cuffs (just in case). For advice about taking your own measurements, please visit



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