Refreshing a classic requires historical knowledge about the industry, experience within it and an innovative approach to future products, so ÖZAK Textile was the company we chose to produce our brand new chino shorts and trousers

The operations across ÖZAK Textile's three sites are seriously slick, and they have to be, because the company is capable of producing an incredible 18,000 pieces per day. Big factories, big machines and big ideas are backed up by the fact that the company is 32 years old this year – established in 1985 by the Akbalık family, it has experience spanning decades, during which it has made strides in technological innovation and developed a reputation for excellence, as well as an international client roster.

ÖZAK is a new supplier of ours – in addition to Turkey's high quality cotton, this company has state-of-the-art washing facilities so great colours and over-dyeing can be created here; there's a lab in which they experiment with ointments and acids, which is where we dyed our fabric a Pantone colour then tried washing it in different ways to create our own bespoke Jack Wills colours. ÖZAK can also be very reactive, as and when we decide to add another colour to a range, for example, or rebuy something our customers like even more than anticipated.

When we visit, it's the turn of our chino shorts in various colours to roll through the production process so the factory is awash with fabric swatches in various stages of construction. Despite a main pool of 560 machines across 48,000m², a surprising amount of finer details are being done by hand, showing how much attention ÖZAK pays even to the smallest elements. This season's chinos have been piece-dyed (instead of garment-dyed); it is a more expensive way to manufacture and bring colour to the product but it allows more interest and elevation in detail. Other new design details include bigger pockets (bound-edged inside for extra strength) and internal printed labels, as well as elements inspired by vintage military trousers.

We were impressed from the start by ÖZAK’s Fabric Research & Development unit, which regularly develops new collections and fabric types so that customers can buy into the most innovative processes in washes, materials and finishes – you can expect to see more new colours and fabric interest in our chino collection as we move into summer too.

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