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Sweat tops are where it all started for us. We've been making them for 15 years in our high-tech facility in Portugal because they know how to handle cotton like no one else.


Anjos & Lourenco




Braga, Portugal


Fleece & casual jersey clothing



Ten million. That's how many hoodies we've made since Jack Wills was established in 1999 in Salcombe on the beautiful Devon coastline. We know – it's an awful lot of hoodies, so sometimes we have to share the load. Some are made by two of our suppliers in China and the rest are made near the small Portuguese town of Braga. There, cutting-edge machinery allows us to carry out the entire process under one roof (technically, there are two roofs – but the point remains; it's pretty good). One site for everything means our team can be close to every part of the hoodies' journey, ensuring no corners are cut as their designs are brought to life.

“We've found that using advanced machinery enhances the naturally super-soft properties of cotton and results in the best fabrics for hoodies.”

The first stage of construction sees the purest cotton knitted to form our base. Our most commonly created fabric is luxurious, brushed-back jersey cotton. A classic choice for modern sportswear, a traditional loopback jersey is run through a series of brushes, while also being flecked with polyester. This unique construction has a bi-functionality that keeps sweat away from the body, cooling you down during exercise, as well as trapping air to insulate you in cooler climes. The ultimate result of brushing the loopback is a fabric that is touch-me-soft against the skin, combining style with absolute comfort.

Next our fabric is sent to our custom-built dye house. We've found that using advanced machinery enhances the naturally super-soft properties of cotton and results in the best fabrics for hoodies. Having control over experiments with dyeing has also allowed us to develop our signature range of sweats – using block dyes, marls and overdyeing we can offer designs and finishes found nowhere else. Patterns are arranged electronically and executed using lasers – a process you'd sooner have expected to see in a Bond film rather than in a hoodie production line.

Depending on the individual designs, sections of the hoodie go to the print house where our bespoke graphics are added using traditional screen-printing techniques. Once dry, the hoodies are assembled by hand; tailors carefully attach the sleeves, hoods and pockets to the body, as well as adding branded details such as eyelets, zips and draw cords. Finally they move into our packing and distribution area before leaving Portugal to be sold all over the world.

Whether you're a Haslemere kind of girl or you're a man who'd choose the Clipstone every time, we trust that knowing how your hoodie was made makes wearing it that bit better.

For the full range, visit the hoodies and sweat top pages of our website.

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