About Jack Wills

It’s our product that speaks best about Jack Wills. We collaborate with some of Britain’s foremost and longest-standing manufacturers, weavers and makers, to ensure that our mark of excellence rings true across the board. Join rank with centuries of British tradition and craftsmanship.

Made in Great Britain

We nurture and develop season to season a number of cornerstone partnerships with renowned manufacturers, fabric makers and weavers, including Moon & Sons, Fox Brothers and Johnstons of Elgin. Each with its own illustrious history, these pillars of the creative British industry produce only the highest quality goods.



Based in London, our in-house design team has amassed a collection of unique vintage pieces celebrating three centuries of British dressing and their studio walls are lined with such treasures. They incorporate retrospective homage and forward-thinking innovation by collaborating with technologists from Britain and around the world, producing a holistic and eccentric design practice we’re proud to call our own.


Being a responsible business is part of our brand DNA and has been since we began. Whether it's developing great relationships with British manufacturers, embedding the principles of ethical trade into our business or supporting charitable causes we believe in, we have a strong desire to do the right thing for our employees and customers.

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We design our clothes in the United Kingdom and we source them from countries all over the world, including China, India, Portugal, Turkey and the UK itself. Our commitment to providing the 'highest quality goods' means that we only use factories that live up to our exacting standards, wherever they are in the world. Our aim is to work with suppliers with the same ethos as us; we want to make great clothes in a fair, equitable and environmentally conscious manner. This is also indicative of our approach to daily business operations, whether in retail locations, Head Office or our Distribution Centre.

Our colleagues regularly raise money through employee-led activities such as cake sales and other fundraising events. We also support charities such as Malaria No More, a South African not-for-profit social enterprise that creates social investment opportunities to change lives, by selling its accessories in store.