Mr Wills since 2007

Introduced as our lovable icon 10 years ago, Mr Wills' feathers, top hat, dinner jacket and cane, playfully symbolise British heritage and youthful spirit - the lifeblood of our brand.
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For ten years Mr Wills has emblematised our brand and our values. He has found himself onto almost every product since, from hems to sleeves, from internal prints to chest pockets.


Ever the lover of fun, over the years Mr Wills has adopted various guises. Whether it’s been switching his top hat for a Santa hat at Christmastime or getting his ghoul on for Halloween. He’s one adaptable bird.

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    The new collection

    To celebrate his tenth birthday we have given him a colourful makeover. For the first time you can see him in beautiful multicolour on a limited edition collection of brilliant basics for men.
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