Jack Wills Animal Welfare Policy

Jack Wills is strongly committed to ensuring that all of our materials are sourced responsibly - this commitment includes raw materials sourced from animals. Jack Wills firmly believes it is not acceptable for animals to suffer in the name of fashion or cosmetics.

Animal welfare means the protection of the health and wellbeing of animals. Protecting an animal's welfare involves safeguarding a good quality of life throughout its entire rearing process, including during transportation, as well as ensuring a humane death. Jack Wills Animal Product Policy has three Over-arching Key Commitments which apply to all types of product that we source. In addition to these key commitments, Jack Wills has specific Animal Welfare Policies for each of the following areas:

- Animal Hair and Fibres
- Animal Fur
- Animal Feathers and Down
- Animal Leather Skin Products
- Animal Shell, Bone and Teeth

Animal Product Policy - Over-arching Key Commitments

Animal Welfare - Any material used in a Jack Wills product is sourced from animals treated humanely with high animal husbandry compliance and in accordance to the recommendations on animal welfare set out by the OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health) in their Animal Health Codes. The welfare of an animal can be described as good or high if the individual is fit, healthy and free from suffering. The five freedoms set out below are used in many countries as best practice guidelines to assess higher animal welfare:

- Freedom from hunger and thirst
- Freedom from discomfort
- Freedom from pain, injury and disease
- Freedom from fear and distress
- Freedom to express normal behaviour

By-Products Only - Any component of a product which is derived from animal hide, feathers or shell, is always a by-product of the meat industry.

Endangered Species - No vulnerable or endangered species will be used. The list of endangered species can be found on CITES or the IUCN red list (see www.cites.org or www.redlist.org ).

Animal Hair and Fibres

Live plucking is strongly prohibited and materials sourced by this method will never be used in Jack Wills product. Any Animal Fibres - e.g. cashmere, mohair, and alpaca must not be obtained from plucking of live animals. Jack Wills will never accept rabbit hair in any product.

Jack Wills requires only non-mulesed wool to be used in our products and for welfare of the sheep to be respected throughout the shearing process. Traceability and/or certification documents for all wool must be available to Jack Wills on request.

Animal Fur

Jack Wills does not use Animal Fur on any product whether it's a by-product or not. This includes all farmed furs such as rabbit, fox and chinchilla. Regular testing is conducted to ensure that only synthetic fur is used for Jack Wills products.

Animal Feathers and Down

All feather and down supply must come from Responsible Down Standard (RDS) sources with certification provided with each corresponding shipment. We will never accept feathers or down from live plucked birds and materials sourced by this method will never be used in Jack Wills product.

Jack Wills only accepts feather or down from meat by-product birds which are farmed within OIE animal welfare standards. Jack Wills does not accept down from animals that were force fed before slaughter for Foie Gras production.

Animal Leather Skin Products

Jack Wills only accepts products made of leather from animals that have been bred for meat production. Farms and abattoirs must slaughter humanely with high animal husbandry compliance and in accordance to the recommendations on animal welfare set out by the OIE in their Animal Health Codes. Jack Wills does not accept any leather or hide product obtained from live skinning or boiling.

Jack Wills does not use Astrakhan, Karakul or any other leather or skin products from unborn or infant animals.

Animal Shell, Bone and Teeth.

Jack Wills will only use shell products originating from non-endangered species. All shell products must be by-products and not from material designated farming - for example mother of pearl sourced from inedible oysters.

Jack Wills will not use bone and teeth for any product even if it's a by-product.