Esther Taylor


How would you describe your role at Jack Wills and how did you get into this area?

On an average shoot, our Studio team starts off with a production meeting to brief the team about the purpose and direction of the shoot, so that everyone is on the same page. I'll discuss with Hair and Make-up what looks the models should have as well as particular features of a model we want to enhance so that we play to their strengths.

While the models are in hair and make-up, the clothes are steamed and prepped and we finalise outfits, decide what accessories will be appropriate. It's my job to dress the models as quickly as possible and maintain their look while they're in front of the camera. It can be as simple as keeping a lint roller handy or jumping in to re-tuck a top that has come loose.

My mum first sparked my interest in fashion when she made clothes for me as a child. I also loved looking at old photos of my mum when she was younger and I enjoyed wearing her vintage clothes around the house. As a child it was exciting to know that altering the way you dress can somehow create a new character.

What do you like the most about your role and team?

One of the most interesting parts of my job at Jack Wills is knowing which trends are relevant for us to reflect in the images we produce and which are simply a flash in the pan. My favourite part of the day is going through the shots with the team to see how the all the pieces of the puzzle came together.

"We generally go for a natural, effortless look, which is ironically one of the hardest looks to achieve."

Tell us about your department at Jack Wills?

Part of the marketing department, working in the studio is all about capturing and producing beautiful images or videos used for all our channels, from our campaigns to ecommerce (model images on the website) to social media. The Studio team's made up of Retouchers, Stylists, Photographers, Hair and Make up assistants, all working together to ensure our images stay in line with our brand identity and we communicate our product in the best way possible, making it a seamless (and visually pleasing) shopping experience for our customers.


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