Ella Crockett


How would you describe your role at Jack Wills and how did you get into this area?

I would describe my role as cross-functional; I work within campaign planning, with press office and events. During the holidays, at University I would work in Jack Wills St. Albans. Whilst I was working there, I saw an advert for the 'Best Summer Job 2016'; I applied and spent three months living on Nantucket, working for Jack. After finishing my studies, I was asked to come back for round two, which I (obviously) accepted and was so excited about. And here I am now, a Marketing Assistant in Head Office.

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What do you like the most about your role and team?

I like how every day is completely different in my role; there is a new task and challenge to take on each day, which keeps everything exciting. I also love the innovation and passion in the team I work in.

What has been your career highlights at Jack?

There are SO many moments, but one is… after sailing out to a deserted beach on Martha's Vineyard, we watched the sunset with a BBQ, after the sun hat set, we sailed around and found an inflatable trampoline in the middle of the ocean that we bounced on under the stars. That, and being asked to do Seasonnaires a second time, and then being made a permanent part of the marketing team.

How would you sum up the culture at Jack Wills?

Aspirational. Spontaneous. Fun.

What advice would you give someone who was starting at Jack?

Enjoy how much of an impact you can have as well as the fun working attitude and have at least three salted caramel brownies from the Mucky Pheasant (our on-site canteen) a week.

"I like how every day is completely different in my role; there is a new challenge to take on each day."

Tell us about your department at Jack Wills?

I work in the Marketing department, which is made up of campaign planners, the press office, copywriters, the social media team, CRM and digital marketers. Specifically, I work in the Brand Activations department where we bring marketing plans, product launches and PR launches to life through events and campaigns. We are passionate about showing our customers what we're all about and marketing our brand the Jack Wills way.


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