Meringue Girls
Meringue Girls

The Meringue Girls

Meringue Girls

Alex Hoffler and Stacey O’Gorman are taking foodies by storm with their mini meringues. No fashion party is complete without an array of their colourful, delicious bites. We caught up with these super-sweet entrepreneurs…

What is it about sugar that brings so much happiness?

We all need a bit of Willy Wonka in our life - and that's exactly what our meringues are styled on!

Any tips for budding meringue makers?

Practice makes perfect, everyone can make beautiful yummy meringues. And don't be afraid to experiment with flavours and colours.

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What has been your worst baking disaster?

A huge industrial free standing mixer fell off the worktop once and completely broke and caused a serious mess!! Oops.

How do you cheer each other up?

Our Boston Terrier, Gus, is our absolute saviour when things are stressful in the kitchen, he chills us out and cheers us up. He’s the only Meringue Boy!

Who's more competitive between you?

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What strengths and weaknesses do you have?

Alex's strength would be thinking outside the box, and Stacey's would be staying calm in stressful situations. Weakness for us both would be knowing when to say no to things, and knowing when we take on too much.

Fun fact:

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Who do you admire and why?

We admire Rick Stein, because he makes such incredible food with such simple ingredients and has the dream lifestyle travelling all around the world.

Describe your styles:

Stacey loves a pair of Docs and anything vintage, and Alex likes Nike Air Max with high waisted trousers. We both love 90’s get up and although our styles are different we always share our most prized 90’s possessions!

Tell us a joke:

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What is the last dream you had?

Alex had a dream that a photographer friend invited us to do food styling in Bali, and then the very next day he actually contacted us and said we were going to Jakarta and then Bali on the job! Weird.

Secret power?

Being able to whip up a yummy meal out of nothing when the cupboard and fridge are bare!

What’s your formula for happiness?

Do something that makes you happy, and surround yourself with warm lovely people.

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