Pony Girl

BFF's with Boris - that's her horse - Pony Girl loves to party as much as she likes to gallop through the fields. 

Geek Chick

Geek + Chick = your style equation sussed. She's the girl you want to solve every problem. 

Blogger Babe

#MAZING, like totes. When she's not snapping her green juices and pet poodle, Blogger Babe is on the list at all the hottest parties.

Lo-Fi Maiden

Hi-tops and skinny jeans mask an inner femininity that the Lo-Fi Maiden hints at with a sweep of pink lipstick or an armful of woven bracelets.

Chelsea Skater

Living in London has taught this girl well. She uses her skateboard to whizz past the tourists and she knows all the coolest boys. 

Mini Mod

In line for a French film or pouring over a hardback in your local coffee house, Mini Mod is enchanting and cultured.