Chelsea Geezer

You just can't deny the Chelsea Geezer. With a wink and a smile, old ladies and skater girls alike just can't get enough of him.   

New Nerd

Whether he's studying his geology books or the bees on the roof of his Hoxton flat, Neo Nerd has the brains and brawn.

Sporty Chap

Sport is what makes him tick. Triathlons, marathons and sing-a-longs (at his favourite football ground, of course) are no mean feat for the Sporty Chap!

Urban Fielder

Oh the fresh country air! While the city draws him in for work, at 5pm on Friday our Urban Fielder is on the train out to his green kingdom. 

Metro Gent

Appearance matters. Those rolled cuffs and starched collars didn't get there by themselves.

Maxi MOD

Thrown together but oh-so refined, expect to see Maxi Mod zipping through town on a vintage Vespa.