Ethical Trade

Jack Wills is deeply committed to ethical trading and while we are proud that we design our clothes here in the United Kingdom, we source them from all over the world. The company's overall aim is to work with international suppliers that have the same ethos as we do here - to make great clothes in a fair, equitable and environmentally conscious manner.  

As part of this commitment, Jack Wills is proud to be a full member of the Ethical Trading Initiative, an organisation we joined in 2010. The Ethical Trading Initiative is a leading alliance of companies, trade unions and NGOs working in partnership with companies such as ourselves to improve the lives of workers across the globe. 

As a full member of the Ethical Trading Initiative, we are required to ensure that all of our suppliers commit to a code of labour practice covering clear and measurable standards related to wages, working conditions and employment rights. In addition to this, and as part of our commitment to achieving our own ethical standards, Jack Wills conducts an ongoing programme of factory visits across our global supply chain. You can find out more about the Ethical Trading Initiative and its full code of conduct here -  

As a British brand, Jack Wills also has a long tradition of supporting this country's manufacturing and craftsmanship in order to create the finest goods made using age-old techniques and drawing on our country's rich manufacturing history. We collaborate with some of the greatest British manufacturers such as Cordings, NPS and Fox Brothers, with whom we run a successful apprenticeship scheme.